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Hevil Photos up on The Northern Embassy

The Hevil DVD was released earlier this year by Surrey Steve, a DVD in the making since the early “double ohs.” It covers the Vancouver scene from around 2002 until 2005, but not limited to that time period. It’s such a wild snap shot of time, when I was editor of Chase BMX Magazine, and roaming around the Lower Mainland with many of these guys. Wild scene. The Northern Embassy posted a few photos of mine along with an interview of Surrey Steve.

Rob Parsons
Rob Parsons with a little help from Luke Hurdle and Matt Barber. 2002, North Vancouver.
Surrey Steve
From Surrey Steve’s interview in Chase. PNE, 2002.


Tory Nyhaug Gets Ready for the London Olympics up on ESPN

Tory Nyhaug

I shot a gallery of photos of Canadian Olympic BMX team member Tory Nyhaug for ESPN. I caught Tory out at the Abbotsford BMX track on a scorcher of a day just before he left for Europe. As an added bonus, Team Philippines member Danny Caluag was there too. This was such an unique experience. Even though it’s BMX and I’ve shot a thousand BMX photos, the recent obstacles that Tory has had to overcome to get his spot on the Canadian roster made this shoot exciting. The gate drops in London for time trials on August 8th! A big round of thanks to Pat Nugent for the story! Check out the gallery here…

Tory Nyhaug, Danny Caluag