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The Rocky Mountaineer

2016 Canadian Trains Calendar

It’s calendar season again! Five of my shots in TWO calendars this year!

Three shots in Railways of Canada by BrownTrout Publishers and two shots in Canadian Trains buy Wyman Publishing (BrownTrout).

Plenty of BNSF in here, both on their own, as well as helping out the West Coast Railway Association’s Royal Hudson. An old one of the Rocky Mountaineer in its old colourway and another of 2141 of the Kamloops Heritage Railway.

More of my railroading photos can be found on AllCanadaPhotos.com


Canadian Trains 2012 Calendar

With the exception of a few close friends, nobody knows that I often enjoy a good geek-out by the way of standing around railroad tracks waiting for a train to come. Trains in Canada are notoriously late, thus this is actually tough work. I’ve endured sun burn, bug bites, blackberry bushes and curious looks. Not to mention several encounters with weirdos. However, the pay off has resulted in me taking some of my favourite photos – ever. I’m beyond thrilled to have two photos of mine featured in the Canadian Trains Calendar from Wyman Publishing! My February photo is the feature page on the back cover, too. Despite sitting on approximately 100 cool train photos, these are the first ones I’ve had published anywhere. It’s so great for them to finally escape my hard drive for people to see. A big thank you to AllCanadaPhotos.com for making it happen!

The Royal Hudson
The Royal Hudson, I shot this one at Crescent Beach in White Rock.


CP 2816
CP’s 2816, The Empress steaming through Burnaby. Man, did I ever wait for this one, but it was definitely worht it.


The back of the calendar...
My February shot on the back of the calendar. This was actually shot in February too, just days before the Olympics.


Ken Paul / AllCanadaPhotos.com
Stoked on this!


Royal Hudson via 6×7

The Royal Hudson, Surrey, 2009
The Royal Hudson, Surrey, 2009

My uncle has leant me his Pentax 6×7 (67) for a few years now and I was finally able to get some scans into the computer. The camera itself makes me smile every time I trigger the shutter. It’s heavy, a bit awkward, and has a shutter kick like a shotgun, but I love it. When I think about it, with the cost of film and processing, each shot costs me $3. It still gives me the thrill of anticipation, though it’s a very long drawn out anticipation, since a roll of film in the 6×7 lasts me for months.

This shot of the Royal Hudson was taken back in early 2009 as it climbed up Kennedy Hill in Surrey on it’s way to White Rock. Watching it crawl up this grade was nothing short of spectacular. This was taken with a Pentax 45mm lens, I posted a long shot from this same spot here. (Taken with my Nikkon 180mm)