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Hevil Photos up on The Northern Embassy

The Hevil DVD was released earlier this year by Surrey Steve, a DVD in the making since the early “double ohs.” It covers the Vancouver scene from around 2002 until 2005, but not limited to that time period. It’s such a wild snap shot of time, when I was editor of Chase BMX Magazine, and roaming around the Lower Mainland with many of these guys. Wild scene. The Northern Embassy posted a few photos of mine along with an interview of Surrey Steve.

Rob Parsons
Rob Parsons with a little help from Luke Hurdle and Matt Barber. 2002, North Vancouver.
Surrey Steve
From Surrey Steve’s interview in Chase. PNE, 2002.


A Trip on the Queen of the North

Dustin Guenther, Jason Enns, Dave Osato

In September of 2002, Dustin Guenther, Dave Osato, Jason Enns and I took a road trip up Vancouver Island, through the Inside Passage to Prince Rupert and then drove back towards Vancouver. The trip was for Chase BMX Magazine and probably the highlight of the trip for me was a trip on BC Ferries’ Queen of the North. It was a cold and rainy day when we boarded in Port Hardy, and it only got worse as we headed north through some massive waves where the ferry careened from side to side. After seeing porpoises swim alongside us and whales play in the distance, we finally entered the Inside Passage where the clouds broke and the sun came out.

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