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Hevil Photos up on The Northern Embassy

The Hevil DVD was released earlier this year by Surrey Steve, a DVD in the making since the early “double ohs.” It covers the Vancouver scene from around 2002 until 2005, but not limited to that time period. It’s such a wild snap shot of time, when I was editor of Chase BMX Magazine, and roaming around the Lower Mainland with many of these guys. Wild scene. The Northern Embassy posted a few photos of mine along with an interview of Surrey Steve.

Rob Parsons
Rob Parsons with a little help from Luke Hurdle and Matt Barber. 2002, North Vancouver.
Surrey Steve
From Surrey Steve’s interview in Chase. PNE, 2002.


The Photography of Spike Jonze

I wrote a few words on Spike Jonze – the photographer and a few of his photos. You can read it all over at the C41 Blog.

The photo below (shot by Spike Jonze) of Eddie Roman was given to me by Ron Wilkerson. Ron had a huge stash of Spike photos that he used for his 2-hip zine back in the day. Going through that stash was like panning for gold – but with better odds.

Eddie Roman as shot by Spike Jonze.
Eddie Roman as shot by Spike Jonze.

UCI BMX Supercross Finals in Abbotsford, BC

Tory Nyhaug - UCI Supercross, Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Tory Nyhaug takes the lead in the Time Qualifiers Superfinal. He was later knocked off the hot seat by Sam Willoughby of Australia to finish second. Abbotsford UCI BMX Supercross, Sept. 14, 2012.

I covered the final race of the season for the UCI Supercross series in Abbotsford on September 14-15. Man, what a great weekend. There’s a full screen gallery of some of my fave shots from the weekend here.

In addition, there’s plenty of coverage with my photos over on

Saturday’s Finals

Friday’s Time Trial Superfinals

Friday’s Time Trials

Connor Fields - Abbotsford UCI Supercross
Connor Fields leads the pack during the semis on Saturday at the Abbotsford UCI BMX Supercross Final, Sept. 15, 2012.